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Cautions for Electric Spanner Hydraulic Pump
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Hydraulic wrench pump in the use of the process of such problems, there are many reasons, from four aspects of a simple analysis of the wrench pump, hydraulic wrench pump:
First, the wrench pump motor can not start: 1. Ensure that the power supply line is not damaged; 2. Check the power supply voltage; 3. Check the circuit breaker; 4. Ensure that the size of the circuit breaker is appropriate; 5. Request qualified electrical technicians to fail the circuit; 6. Send the motor to check whether there is a fault.
2. Excessive working noise: 1. There is air in the system, and the exhaust treatment is carried out; 2. Ensure the level of the tank; 3. Check all connection points, whether there is air entering the system.
3. The hydraulic oil of wrench pump is overheated: 1. The oil viscosity is too high. 2. The level is too low, refuel to the standard level or replace a larger tank.
4. Pumps can operate but no oil is produced.
1. The pump has not been prepared. Exhaust treatment;
2. Check and ensure that the external relief valve is correctly adjusted;
3. The solenoid reversing valve does not move, check whether the voltage of the solenoid valve power supply is in the qualified range;
4. Control valve failure (separate fault diagnosis).


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